BDOS: Premium back office software

1989 Our Beginning

The first installation of BDOS (Broker Dealer Operating System) was in 1989.  The name was derived from BD (Broker Dealer), and DOS which was the dominant disk operating system for personal computers at the time.  BDOS was written specifically for introducing broker dealers we have always maintained that focus and have continually enhanced our product to be the leader in broker dealer back office software.


Recently, we recognized that too many broker dealers resort to using off the shelf accounting software coupled with spreadsheets.  The advantage is the availability of people with “knowledge” in these applications. There are significant disadvantages in this approach.  They include:

  • the operator’s level of competency is variable
  • data entry is arduous and time consuming
  • mistakes are easy to make and often hard to track down and resolve
  • software that works well for a flower shop or furniture store may not work well in the complex world of securities

However, the primary issue is the principal has relinquished control of their back office.  Think about it.  How many officers of the firm know how to use the spreadsheets and financial software that runs their back office operations?

BDOS was designed to be run by a competent clerical person.  If that person has some accounting skills – great!  But, it is not a requirement.  As such, even the principal (you) can easily learn to use BDOS.  You can see can see and properly oversee  exactly what is going on at any time.  No longer do you have to rely on someone to answer question as to “what happened” or generate reports.  And, if your back office person is on vacation or sick, you are faced with a problem.  With BDOS-FINOP you can find answers on your own.

Further, since BDOS has a fully integrated general ledger accounting system it requires only a few mouse clicks to generate your:

  • trial balance
  • balance sheet, income statement, and profit and loss statement
  • Net Capital Computation
  • SSOI (Supplemental Statement of Income)

With BDOS, you have control and can create almost all of the major documents yourself.  Since you are doing much of the work, we can provide BDOS-FINOP Services at a very competitive price.

It is All About Meeting Client Needs

BDOS has always maintained its ability to continually meet the evolving needs of our clients and to support our leadership role in broker dealer back office software.  We believe in strong client relationships.  In fact, three of our oldest clients began using BDOS in 1990, 1991, and 1993 respectively.

To our knowledge, we are the only back office software that has a fully integrated general ledger accounting system, can generate the FOCUS IIA, the SSOI,  and do a Net Capital Computation for any date: past, present or future.  Importantly, all these features require just a few mouse clicks.

No Long Term Contracts

BDOS is provided on a monthly or permanent lease basis.  The cost is dependent on the number of reps and the features you select.  We have demonstrated strong client relationships are achieved by providing an excellent product and service.  We do not lock you into a long-term contract.  If you decide we do not suit your needs, the license agreement, with a 1 month notice, can be voided at any time.