DST IDC provides commission download files to broker dealers

DST IDC (Internet Dealer Commissions) provides trade and trail commission data from mutual funds, variable annuities, and direct participation programs such as non-traded real estate investments trusts (REITs).

The vendors send their commission data to DST Systems.  In turn, DST distributes the data to broker dealers without charge to the BD.

To process the data, the broker dealer downloads the commission files from DST then signs into BDOS Internet Dealer Commissions.BDOS DST IDC login form.Data import is easy.  The main menu shows:DST IDC Main Menu

“Data” is selected to begin the process:DST IDC Import Menu

DST IDC transmits the information as a zip file.  BDOS unzips and imports the data.  During the import, BDOS:

  • calculates the rep payout (rep commission)
  • posts each transaction to the BDOS trade system (books and records)
  • posts the revenue (BD commission) and receivable, rep commission expense and rep payable to the BDOS general ledger accounting system

Suppose the distributor was “Amazing Funds”.  Your blotter might show:BDOS Payout Blotter

The DST IDC import provided the following transaction data:

DST IDC download informationThe BDOS general ledger contains trade related receivables arising from the Amazing Funds trades.  The next step is to relieve those receivables by receiving  payment from Amazing Funds.  The receive payment form shows:BDOS Receive Payment Form

You indicate the vendor that is paying (Amazing Funds), dates related to the payment, payment amount, any payment reference number (check number) and tell BDOS to “Get Data”.

BDOS shows the trades for which it expects to receive payment.BDOS Receive Payment detail

The above shows BDOS reference 1009 and the corresponding George W. Bush trade for 100 ABC @ $18.000.  The user matches the BDOS information to the Amazing Funds statement.  When done, the “File” tab is selected.  It shows:Receive Payment file

BDOS did a bunch of things while the user simply indicated the trades that were paid.

  • Based upon the trades that were reconciled BDOS expected $4,365.00, but only $4,300.00 was received.  As such, BDOS posted $4,300.00 to cash and reduced your receivables by $4,365.00.  As of 08/08/12 you have no receivables from Amazing funds.
  • Your records show you expected another $65.00.  Since you did not receive the money, BDOS made an automatic revenue adjustment for $65.00.
  • If something was incorrect in the original posting of the trade, you can correct the gross (commission) or rep payout while receiving payment.  BDOS will automatically adjust the original revenue amount and change to the rep payout.

The next step is to pay the reps.  Just like Receive Payment, BDOS makes paying the reps a fast and easy process.BDOS Make Payment

You enter the current date, the pay period ending date and tell BDOS to “Get Data”.BDOS Mark Transactions

Details are shown for all the trades that are ready for payment.  Trade reference 10019, the George W. Bush trade for 100 ABC @ $18.00 is shown above.Make Payment Review tab

Before filing, you can review the total payout, trade payouts and non trade adjustments.  If the numbers look OK you go to the File tab, file and the payout process is done.

Make Payment File

A trade has been followed from download to receive payment to paying the  rep.  But, sometimes there is a question about the trade.  BDOS has a simple mechanism to tie all the components together – Ticket Plus.  We can look at trade 10019.Ticket Plus

This page provides a very abbreviated review of how BDOS:

  • imports trade and commission data form DST IDC and records the information in your books and records
  • automatically generates the trade related general ledger entries and records them in your accounting system
  • receives payment from the DST IDC participating companies
  • pays your reps
  • ties all the books and records and account information together in Ticket Plus

Information on DST IDC participating companies can be found at www.dstidc.com/.