Net Capital Computation is driven by the integrated trial balance

BDOS takes the work out of the broker dealer Net Capital Computation. It has ability to age your receivables and payables as of any point in time. That is, BDOS can precisely tell you what the balances of your cash, receivables, payables and any other account were on any date in the past or are today. It can look to the future and age your receivables to decide when they will become non-allowable.

With this ability, BDOS can calculate your net capital for any date: past, present or future using the same format on pages 3 and 4 the FOCUS IIA.

Net Capital Computation Form

Net Capital Computation Form

The above form is used for the Net Capital Computation. The output provides:

  • Computation of Net Capital
  • Computation of Basic Net Capital Requirement
  • Computation of Aggregate Indebtedness.

If necessary, the tabs on the form allow changes to the BDOS computations.