Ticket Plus provides the broker dealer ticket, commission and GL data

Ticket Plus aggregates all significant operational and financial information for every trade.

Ticket Plus –  Blotter Data

The Operations Data tab provides all the “ticket” data.

Ticket Plus - Blotter DataTicket Plus – The Plus

The Financial Data tab provides all the financial information for the trade.  The commission data, general ledger entries, rep payment and vendor payment dates are shown.  All Ticket Plus information can be Viewed, Printed, sent to a PDF or sent an XLS file.

Ticket Plus - The Plus

Ticket Plus – Putting Things Together

The following pdf shows the combination of financial and operational data in a single form.

tp_3Dates and References

  • Transaction Reference – the unique BDOS transaction reference.
  • Cancel Reference – if cancelled, the reference of the cancelling trade
  • Vendor Payment – The date the vendor paid you for the trade
  • Entered By – the source of trade entry

Client, Security and Rep Data

  • Source Ref – if downloaded, the clearing firm reference

General Ledger and Commission Data

  • Rep – the rep number of each rep participating in the trade
  • PCT – the commission per cent for all participating reps
  • Payout – the commission amount for each rep
  • Date – the date the rep was paid