Financial Compliance Components

The Net Capital Computation, FOCUS IIA, Supplemental Statement of Income (SSOI),  Audit Trail, integrated General Ledger, and Trading System are the strongest BDOS compliance features.  We believe these financial compliance features are unique to BDOS.

Trade Related Components

  • Rep license and registration for each trade
  • Commissions for non insurance trades and blue sky
  • Confirms

General Operational Components

  • Cash receipt and disbursement blotters
  • Checks received and deposited blotter
  • Customer Ledger (Securities Transactions)
  • Purchase and sales blotters
  • Fails to receive
  • Fails to deliver

SDN List

Limited Broker Dealers are required to check the Treasury Department’s List of Specifically Designated Nationals to , ensure a new client is not included on the list.  BDOS can download the OFAC SDN List and check your clients against the list to insure compliance with SDN requirements.