Commissions, Compliance, General Ledger and More…

In addition to commissions, BDOS (Broker Dealer Operating System) provides features unmatched by other commission software. BDOS was designed specifically to meet the needs of introducing broker dealers and is a fully integrated and seamless solution for back office automation.

BDOS does:

Rep Commissions

  • calculates rep commissions and clearing fees
  • applies commission adjustments
  • receives payment from vendors
  • shows commissions: open, pending and paid
  • shows adjustments pending and paid
  • commission statements show:
    • trades, trails and fees
    • commission adjustments
    • 1099 commission information
  • download from RBC, Pershing, NFS, DST, NSCC…

General Ledger

  • GL entries are automatically generated when:
    • the trade, trail or fee is recorded
    • vendor payment is received
    • reps are paid and commissions are adjusted
    • checks are written
    • cash is reconciled
  • financial statements include:
    • trial balance
    • balance sheet
    • income statement
    • profit/loss statement
  • reportscan be aged (past, present or future) for:
    • trade receivables
    • trade payables (reps and clearing)
    • non trade payables

FOCUS IIA/Supplemental Statement of Income

  • FOCUS IIA and SSOI are generated with a few mouse clicks
  • Net Capital Computation for any date (past, present or future)

Audit Trail

  • detailed activity reports (pdfs)can be automatically generated when:
    • cash is reconciled
    • checks are written
    • batch is transferred
    • vendor payment is received
    • commissions are paid
    • commissions are adjusted
    • manual journal entries are created


  • The Net Capital Computation, FOCUS, SSOI and Audit Trail, tightly integrated General Ledger, and Trading System are the strongest BDOS compliance features. But, there are other significant compliance components:
    • rep license and registration for each trade
    • commissions for non insurance trades and blue sky
    • cash receipt and disbursement blotters
    • checks received and deposited blotter
    • customer ledger (Securities Transactions)
    • confirmations
    • purchase and sales blotters
    • fails to receive
    • fails to deliver

BDOS has provided precision results to broker dealers since 1989. Three of our current clients have used BDOS for over 25 years.

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